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From the School Director’s Desk

Strong relationships contribute to a happy life. As the world is getting ready to revolutionise education, we are one of the pioneers to take an experiential curriculum and learning through intense activity based engagement. We believe that the purpose of quality education is not just to chase and push for good marks but also to create an environment where learning is consistent for self-awareness. We believe that this OASIS will be a temple of knowledge and creativity for students, teachers, parents and all who engage with us. We will strive to make it a ‘Happy School’, which has the warmth of home where we all work as one family.

The OASIS is affiliated to Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations and also affiliated to an international curriculum, Cambridge Assessment International Education and will fulfill the curriculum guidelines accordingly. However we will focus on a large range of subjects including literature, art , entrepreneurship, theatre, community service, physical education and most importantly bring in Yoga, meditation, spirituality and other forms of life skills as part of the curriculum.

Our effort to simulate theoretical aspects of learning into practical world by creating and giving important attention to outdoor learning platforms will be high on our agenda. Cultural and Historical elements, farming and rural

We work with villages around us, make environmental studies a priority and we hope to inculcate a strong interest for farming as well. We have allocated areas of poly tunnels for students to grow vegetable and flora to understand the science behind it and the nutritional benefits. Hydroponics is certainly an interesting area for students to work with. Working with waste management, compost creation, solar energy, water mills and perhaps even wind mills will be a macro focus of our environment department.

Our strong tutorial system and high focus on the emotional quotient will integrate learning through physical health, academic excellence, emotional maturity, social responsibility and spiritual richness.

Together we must strive for an education that will work for the progress of humanity, which will work for us to enjoy and discover diverse experiences of life and evoke our senses to live our passion and make it a better world.

Sanjiv Bathla
School Director & Head of School


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