“सा विद्या या विमुक्तये”
“Knowledge is what liberates”

Just like a ray of light can eradicate darkness, similarly the power of knowledge can liberate a person from any kind of shackles.

At The OASIS, we believe in the illuminating power of knowledge, much like a ray of light dispels the darkness. Established in the lush landscapes of Dehradun, our school is a beacon of learning that offers both co-educational day-boarding, and residential programmes for boys, welcoming students from India and around the globe.

Our ethos is rooted in providing a broad-based and comprehensive education that seamlessly integrates academic excellence with physical vitality and creative expression. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to nurture initiative, responsibility, and decision-making, equipping our students not just with factual knowledge but with the wisdom to use it wisely.

Students at The OASIS are encouraged to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, enhancing their ability to work both independently and cooperatively. Communication and creativity are keystones of our educational approach, ensuring every learner finds his voice and his unique path.

Beyond academics, we are committed to exposing our students to the rich tapestry of India’s culture and heritage, as well as the significant cultures and civilisations from around the world. From the profound depths of Indian history, languages, and literature to the broad expanse of global history, philosophy, music, and art, our students embark on an educational journey that is deeply rooted in India yet expansive in its global outlook.

At The OASIS, we are crafting not just educated young boys and girls, but enlightened individuals who are truly Indian with a universal perspective. Join us in this journey of liberation through learning, where every day brings new opportunities to learn, grow, and excel.