“सा विद्या या विमुक्तये”
“Knowledge is that which liberates”

Just like a ray of light can eradicate darkness, similarly the power of knowledge can liberate a person from any kind of shackles.

Primary - Grade I to V


Our committed faculty work as a cohesive team to accomplish the goals and objectives of the School. The focus is on academic progress along with personality and emotional development through the process of a holistic all round education.

Secondary - Grade VI to VIII


The significance of the Lower Secondary, the middle school period for learning – and learning good habits – is perhaps only surpassed by that of early childhood development.

Senior - Grade IX to XII


The OASIS School programme for students in Grades IX to XII is dedicated to preparing students for important challenges that lie ahead of them. To this end, there are two distinct phases to our High School experience:

The OASIS Excursion Programme

The benefits to reinforce classroom learning, to propel cultural learning and for students to relate and imbibe with nature, The OASIS encourages and ensures quality excursion programes for students to step out of their comfort zone into the lap of Nature.

Inter-House Dance Competition

Sports Day

Earth Care - Learning to grow the organic way

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